Day (224) – Colors

Day (224) – Colors.

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The gift of a dream

This is a short little thought about big dreams. I would like to succeed in my quest for a degree from Briarcliffe. It is my dream to be able to sit with my husband one day on a porch overlooking a river in the woods one day. The way this world has been I think we diserve a little peace. A lot of happiness so I think that with my education I will be able to find a substantial career that will kick us off in the right direction. I believe it will

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When will it ever end??

I’m wondering when will it if ever when will all the hardships end??? This is a question I really would like to know. I have gotten away from all the bad people that have abused me in my past. They are left there. Why is it so hard for some one to make a fresh start? I love going to college. I’m not giving it up. Things in this economy need to change. My husband hasn’t worked in quite .a few months. He is getting so discouraged. I am disabled and my monthly check is getting us no where fast. I’m fearful we are going to loose everything again. I guess I am writing just to write. I know we will make it. I have come through to much for it to all fall apart again. We will concur this as we have always together. Reach for the skies.

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So happy to be here

Hi my name is Mary McDade,  I am attending Briarcliffe College on Long Island,  I have started this post due to my communications course I am taking.  It is apart of my degree map for which I am studying majoring in Business Management.  I am very excited to be here., I love my Communications professor,  He is a great inspiration to me.  He is so full of helpful ideals and energy.  professor Naylor.  He has inspired me believe it or not to achieve my goals that i thought were only dreams.  He has taught me that nothing is unattainable if you put forth the hard work and energy that required, I have become more comfortable talking in front of the whole class and in public situations.  I know that I will achieve my bachelors degree because i will put forth the hard work to achieve it.  Thanks for reading my post i hope that it will make you realize that your dreams can become reality you just have to go for it.

Mary McDade,  Business major

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Wisdom begins with wonder…

Wisdom begins with wonder “socrates” So keep wondering ” Professor Christian”

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Success Stories

I really like this blog, I have a success story i would like to share. I am a 42yr old woman who has recently achieved my goal of attending college. All my life I have only been told what i couldn’t do or what I will never amount to. I come from a broken home from the start. I was adopted and the people who adopted me abused me. i was always ridiculed about how i was thrown away and that i would never amount to anything. well i am here to day i have survived my past and have put those negitive people out of my life, I have succeeded in the work place i worked for United Healthcare for five years until an unfortunate illness i almost died in the year 2003 i wasn’t expected to live. But here i am I have survived again I was not able however to return to the work force then. I always dreamed of going to college and getting a degree, however i was told many times no one would accept me but again here i am attending college at briarcliffe. i have overcome illness, abuse , and my own insecurieties, I truely believe that I am a success story now and will continue to be a winner. If you ever get down and start believing that you wont or can’t do something i am here to tell you, you can!!! I am learning and achieving new heights each and every day and so can you. Thank you for listening and reading my story although i could have gone in to deeper details i feel that those are left in the past and best that they are. Just know you can achieve greatness if only you give your self the chance to believe you can. I have learned alot from my professor, He Professor Naylor of my communications class has inspired me and I thank him for it.

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